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What is the EDGE Android App?
The EDGE Android application is a first-of-its-kind Google Android-based news reader for the LGBT community. It allows you to access the award-winning editorial content of the world's largest network of gay and lesbian web portals via your Android phone or pad, utilizing the unique capabilities of these devices.

What's the difference between the Android App and the EDGE websites?
While the EDGE Android application does not (yet) permit the full range of robust features of our web network, it's the perfect solution for those who wish to stay in touch with news and entertainment information targeted to the LGBT community while you're on the go. You don't need to be connected to your web browser - or, in many cases, to any wireless services at all - to read news, view nightlife photos, and connect with your community.

Does it cost anything to use the EDGE Android App?
That depends. The EDGE Android application is free to download and use. Do note, however, that if your mobile device is not connected to a Wi-Fi connection, the EDGE Android application will use your device's cellular network or Wi-Fi connection to access and download content. Please be sure to check with your carrier to be sure you will not be charged for this usage, especially if you are traveling internationally.

Where do I get the EDGE Android App?
Our app is not yet available; please check back after April 1, 2011 for a download link.

What is "offline" reading?
When you first load up one of the EDGE Android application's news channels (Top Stories, Columnists, etc.) your device will "sync" with EDGE's news servers and download EDGE's recent articles. Once the sync is complete, your phone does not need to load additional information from EDGE's servers for you to read each article. This allows you to sync your device once, and then read lots of stories - even if your device is no longer able to access its Wi-Fi or cellular connection. You'll find this a speedy way to browse the day's news.

Be aware, however, that the initial sync may take a moment or two; where possible, we recommend using a Wi-Fi connection to sync your device. Additionally, some non-essential components will download outside of the sync, and heavy-bandwidth items such as photoalbums will always require a live connection to view.

How do I force a sync?
In many cases, the EDGE Android application will automatically sync when you launch, and/or when you visit a new tab (photoalbums, columnists, etc.) For a sync to complete, you'll need the app to stay open - so feel free to browse stories or stare at fun photos while your device is downloading the latest and greatest from EDGE.

If for some reason your device does not automatically sync, you can force a sync at any time by clicking the "reload" button on the top right of your screen.

How long does it take to sync?
When your device downloads stories from the EDGE Network, the amount of time you'll have to wait for new stories to appear varies quite a bit. This wait time is entirely dependent on your current connection and the speed of your device. For example, newer devices that have access to G3 or G4 speeds will download our stories faster than those that do not. And if your device is currently connected to a Wi-Fi network, the relative speed of download will be much faster.

How do I share an article?
You can easily share articles, columns and photoalbums with your friends, colleagues, family, and/or any unsuspecting member of the Religious Right. First, open an article, photoalbum or column; then, click on your devices "Menu" button and look for the "share" button. You will be offered the option of sharing the item. Please note that in order to share via Facebook or Twitter, you'll need to have enabled those applications on your device prior to their appearing in this menu.

What's with all the ads? Can I turn them off?
Our app now includes advertising; we're sorry about that, but delivering all this fabulous news to you costs money - aren't you glad someone else is footing the bill? In a future release, we'll allow subscribers to opt out of advertising.

Can I send EDGE comments or feedback about the EDGE App?
Of course! We love hearing from our community - send your comments, thoughts, recommendations and other feedback to android@edgepublications.com.

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